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Security Surveillance

Building Security



Peace of mind.

Antares performs an on-site survey alongside its low-voltage wiring partner to determine the low-voltage network wiring needs for a video surveillance solution. Antares will discuss current camera locations, current field of view and determine any inefficiencies with your current system. Antares will review your network closet and evaluate current network equipment to ensure that they meet recommendations and industry best practices. 

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Door Security

A cloud managed door access control system offers;




Antares installs and manages a cloud managed door access system that supports one door to thousands of doors with multiple options for access control authentication from key fobs and cards to mobile devices with NFC or Bluetooth, Antares has a solution for you.  

- No more lost physical keys

- Convenient Phone Controls

- Restricted and customized access

Door Security

The first step in protecting people, property and assets. Restrict access points to authorized persons.

CCTV Security


Comprehensive coverage of spaces where theft, safety or vandalism is a concern.

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