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Variety - it's the spice of life

Our services are as varied as our clients. You need it? We've got it.

At Antares, we provides many IT services to our clients beyond support including VoIP telecommunication, security, data protection, cloud, email filtering and much more.

If you need a single billing solution for all your services, Antares can help.


Procurement assistance and support for your operational goals

VOIP Systems

Phone systems and services that maximize your communications while saving cost

Cloud Backups

A requirement for all IT systems supported by our expert IT team

Cyber Security

Address existing and future security concerns to protect your sensitive data

Service Agreements

IT support and project teams to address your technology needs at a low flat or hourly rate

Help Desk

Dedicated support team to address your technology issues quickly

Insurance IT Audits

Specialized IT auditing by professionals with Lloyds’ Coverholder, MGA, TPA and reinsurance experience

Building Security

Safeguard and monitor access to your building with the newest security technology

User Training

Train your employees to utilize technology to minimize time on routine tasks

Cloud & Colocation

Microsoft Office 365, Azure, AWS, and cloud applications managed by your team of IT professionals


Find the right connectivity for your operations and at the lowest cost, including last-mile connectivity

Digital Multimedia

Provide the best multimedia capabilities to convey your message, present ideas and maximize sales

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