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Service Agreements



Feeling bogged down by an annual IT service contract?

Antares can cater a service agreement to any client request. Challenge us.

Our mission is to deliver a service agreement that does not limit our potential to provide the best IT service to our clients. Help us cut the red tape.

Our service agreement is perpetual and without a cancellation fee. Our opinion is a good IT service provider should have to work for your trust all year, not just at renewal. Other IT Managed Service Providers trade contracts like baseball cards and you are left with a technology partner that does not know your business.


Is block time not compatible with your operating budget and it always seems everything takes longer to solve when you have prepaid for support? Antares has a better solution: why not pay a low price of $99 a month and have the benefit of outsourced IT with an excellent reputation, lower hourly rates and priority service?

Our service agreements are not just for support. You can add telecommunication, backups, cloud, security and much more to your service with us. Manage all your IT services on one invoice and responsive team.


For smaller businesses with a need for outsourced IT and want to pay when needed. Our Basic Service Agreement starts at $99 a month and gives you customizable support, so you can pay as you go.


For any business that may need to supplement its own IT resources or has little need for routine support, our Limited Service Agreement provides a monthly hour cap at a flat rate. Unlimited disaster recovery is included. Need more support? Time above and beyond the coverage is at a reduced rate. Pricing starts at $240 per month.


For the business that wants a flat rate for unlimited support, Antares has you covered with the Unlimited Service Agreement. Scalable to all your technology needs, this is the service agreement that utilizes our full capabilities to ensure your business is using technology at its best. Pricing starts at $450 per month.

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